In the first steps to rebrand Tommy John, a Men's luxury underwear company, my team and I wanted something that would stand out on the pages of Esquire Magazine's 80th Anniversary Issue. After many hours of jungle cat research, taxidermy exploration, and mane stylist interviews, we ended up with was a creature who perfectly exemplifies our tagline: 
"Power In Comfort".
But Esquire was just the beginning. We adopted our beast for a bold new social media and email campaign during which the Tommy John brand saw audience engagement go through the roof. The initial Facebook post below had over 2,100 engagements in just one week, leading to an 800%+ increase in average weekly interaction.
Twitter posts from the Tommy John CEO and the brand:
One of the email blasts:
A look behind the scenes at The Picture Farm in Brooklyn, NY... I wasn't kidding about the mane stylist. 
Tommy John / print, Esquire Magazine, social media, email / art direction, graphic design, social media strategy

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