StreetEasy is NYC’s leading real estate marketplace website and app. If you're looking for a place to live in the Big Apple, chances are you've used it. As the lead designer on the marketing team, I had the opportunity to visually shape the brand and define the way we communicate with our consumers.
Infographics and illustrations designed for the Blog and PR Teams. You can also find them here, here, and here.
Iconography designed for the product team used throughout the StreetEasy website and app.
GIFs designed for the Social Media Team featured on Instagram. As much fun to make as they are to watch.
Printed 24x36 event posters with accompanying booklet for the FTHB Seminar held at The New School in Manhattan.
A series of graphics demonstrating the StreetEasy app on iOS featured on the App Store.
Every now and then, I got to swap my drawing tablet for a camera as StreetEasy's in-house neighborhood photographer. The content these Twitter posts are promoting can be found here on the Neighborhood Guides page.
Printed one sheets, scripts and direct mailers for the Product Marketing Team.
A series of Facebook ads and two custom email templates designed for the Email Marketing Team.
StreetEasy / website, mobile app, digital, print, event / art direction, graphic design, photography, UX/UI design

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